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Ancient Awakening

The Sacred Valley, Cusco, Peru
November 12 - 23, 2024

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Antonio Cuevas

Antonio Cuevas is Cacique (chief) of a Yucayeke (an Afro-Taino village) in New York City. He is a medicine man with a strong Taino lineage, originally from the island of Puerto Rico. He is best known for his passion for truths and for his hands-on involvement in helping awaken his own community by helping uncover their resilient strengths. Antonio believes in the power of the plant medicine Spirits and the empowering messages they bring to the people of his communities. He highlights the integration of the lessons given by the medicines during ceremonies. He works with people one-on-one, in group settings, social and sacred medicine circles - locally, nation-wide, and internationally. His soul’s quest is to continue to be a humble and dedicated vessel for the insights and knowledge of Divine sacred medicines in all communities around the globe.

Paullo Qente

Paullo is dedicated to sharing his ancestry and sacred knowledge with the world. He believes it is our mission to understand and accept the presence of the divine energy in every one of us, and in doing so we will inherit the great presence of this energy in our being, our home, our daily affairs, and in our world. He knows Peru profoundly and is well versed in guiding people from all over the world along the powerful sites of the Andes, while detailing the rich history of the Incan Empire. He is a Master of many sacred rituals and spiritual ceremonies and is a true blessing to both his students and his heritage. We are honored to have him be a part of this journey!


Jo-El Nahual Altair


Jo-El is a Taino spiritual mentor, experience alchemist, entheogen researcher and psychedelic plant and fungi guide, empowering others to transform their lives for the better. Founder of The City of Light Evolutionary Journeys and  Kawsaytika Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant, both in The Sacred Valley of Peru, his mission is to share the ancient knowledge and cultures of the world and bring light and awareness to global issues. His passion lies in creating evolutionary and life changing experiences for humanity and is a true example that the Universe smiles to those who see the beauty in all things.

Included In Your Journey

•Premium Lodging in Cusco, The Sacred Valley and Aguas Calientes, Machu Picchu

•Plant-based Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners

•Maestros of Ceremony and Spiritual Guides

•Guided Meditations

•Ancient Ceremonies and Rituals (Two Ayahuasca Ceremonies and one Wachuma/San Pedro Ceremony)

•Ethereal Body Cleansing & Various Initiations with the Elements

•Embodiment Practices

•Entrances to Sacred Sites including Machu Picchu

•Elite Transportation during the retreat including train to Machu Picchu

•Integration Practices and more

Not Included In Your Journey

•International and domestic flights to and from The Sacred Valley, Cusco, Peru

•Travel insurance

•Lodging before and after the journey

•Meals except as noted

•Optional Photography ($100.00) Must be paid by October 1st

12 Days and 11 Nights

Early Bird Special $3,444

Full Price $4,222

Contact us for early bird, deposits and payment plans

To Attend this Life Changing Journey and Schedule your Telegram Interview Call,
E-Mail Us via: 
Deposits and Full Payments Must Be Sent Via Wire Transfer, Venmo or Zelle

*All Payment fees must be covered by Passenger

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