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Why Choose Us?

•Wellness is multidimensional.


  Our approach to healing and the expansion of consciousness focuses on wholeness, balance, integration and the unification of the spiritual, physical, mental, social, environmental and emotional bodies into one.


•We are with you the whole way


  The Journey with us doesn’t end on the last day. We provide ongoing support, guidance and aftercare, because your well-being is important to us. To ensure that you get the most out of your  experience, you will receive personalized   one- on-one coaching and counselling.


•We co-create with only the best


  Our team of facilitators have spent much of their lives on the healing and awakening path, sharing their gifts and being in service. The energies we work are sincere, clean and light, thus you can trust that you are in safe, experienced and capable hands.


•We bridge ancient technologies with modern times


  We acknowledge that our ancestors were far wiser, advanced and evolved than we originally thought. By bringing these traditional and mystic practices, teachings and therapies into today’s world, we can ensure that you get the best of all worlds.

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